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Thingstream provides low-power, low-cost, ubiquitous IoT connectivity via MQTT over GSM. The secure, out-of-the-box IoT connectivity solution leverages the globally-available GSM network to offer immediate, global IoT connectivity that no other low-power IoT connectivity provider can today.

Thingstream helps to simplify IoT connectivity, reducing costs and operational overheads for the delivery of an intelligent network of connected things.


Thingstream’s intelligent global connectivity platform provides low power, low cost, ubiquitous IoT connectivity.

As the only provider of a truly global IoT connectivity, Thingstream’s platform enables devices to simply connect to the strongest GSM network available, almost anywhere in the world and communicate using IoT Messaging – a unique combination of MQTT and USSD messaging protocols.

Connectivity management platform

Thingstream’s intelligent global connectivity platform helps empower enterprises to deploy end-to-end IoT production-ready devices at scale, delivering seamless integration for connecting devices to any IoT Platform.

Thingstream specialises in helping simplify IoT connectivity, reducing costs and operational overheads in the delivery of an intelligent network of connected things.


Thingstream enables IoT connectivity over GSM without the need for cellular data, which does not require TCP-IP, thereby enhancing cyber security and providing a more secure means for connectivity.

With no IP (internet) dependency, connectivity between the device and IoT application is inherently less vulnerable to interception, ensuring more secure IoT deployments.

What is Thingstream

We solve the complexity problem of IoT connectivity by providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution based on the industry standard MQTT.

Connected devices

Thingstream is being adopted by an increasing number of progressive industrial specialists around the world. These companies are making it easy to connect traditionally difficult machines and equipment to enterprise systems to enable the creation of digital twins and to vastly improve the control and operation through predictive maintenance.

Asset tracking

Thingstream enable IoT devices to be confidently deployed anywhere in the world, last for many years and roam globally with a fixed cost and no need to change SIM card or telecoms provider.

Logistics and supply chain

Thingstream enabled trackers, data loggers and condition monitors work across the majority of geographies (not just populated areas) in 190 countries; such a large low power connectivity footprint removes all connectivity challenges for global logistics and supply chains.


Real time, wireless digital monitoring and control.


Enabled agricultural IoT devices, confidently deployed anywhere in the world.

Logistics and
supply chain

Cost-effective, low power connectivity for truly global multi-modal connectivity for logistics or supply chain.

Remote condition
monitoring & control

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