Why emerging markets should choose GSM LPWAN for IIoT projects

How do you get ubiquitous coverage for IIoT projects in territories where infrastructure is lacking? This question is the root of many worries for businesses trying to deploy IIoT applications in emerging markets. For many countries in the middle east and Africa, for example, 3G is still a dream yet to be realised. Likewise, 4G and 5G could still be many years away. However, this needn’t put the block on development altogether thanks to the most ubiquitous network on the planet: the GSM voice network.

The rapid adoption of consumer and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications in developed markets, powered by the cloud, has already changed the way in which services are consumed, and their potential is vast. However, the potential for the IIoT in developing markets is also enormous; IDC predicts that projects in Africa and the Middle East alone will grow to a market valuation of $7 billion in 2018.

However, fragmented connectivity and infrastructures in these regions are still significant barriers to deploying effective, widespread IIoT systems.

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