Thingstream Launches Online Connectivity Store

Thingstream’s IoT store brings out-of-the box MQTT connectivity and rapid prototyping to its customers with a range of products designed to help bring proof-of-concept projects to life.

Thingstream, the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform that launched earlier this year, has expanded its offerings with a new online Connectivity Store. After registering for a free Thingstream account, users can access the online store to purchase a selection of Thingstream products for developing IoT projects.

There are currently four test and development products* available in the Connectivity Store: the Thingstream IoT Module, the Thingstream Starter Kit, the Thingstream IoT Button and the Thingstream Global IoT Subscriber Identification Module (SIM).

Thingstream’s approach to connectivity is to use a combination of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) messaging via Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) networks. The use of GSM networks means that IoT devices can be connected from almost anywhere on the globe, while using less power than devices communicating on cellular networks.

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*Thingstream connected products are not production-ready devices. These products are designed for testing and development only.

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