The 30 best IIoT applications

The American IoT Institute and Industry of Things joined forces to create the ultimate list of IoT pioneers. The article features Thingstream’s development kit, designed to help engineers build connectivity into their devices.

Thingstream presented its IoT starter kit at the 2017 IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona . With this, manufacturers of end devices should be able to develop products quickly and cheaply, which can be easily networked worldwide. The starter kit is based on GSM connectivity – without relying on SMS or a mobile data connection.

The solution uses USSD messaging through GSM networks, reducing not only the complexity of roaming, but also the energy and space requirements. The computing power required by TCP / IP is no longer needed. The technology provides ubiquitous access to the network while providing the necessary hardware. According to the manufacturer, the starter kit can be installed in no time at all and can be networked with a large number of applications or end device

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