Supply Chain IoT Implementation Finds a Simple, Inexpensive Option

In order to drive IoT adoption in the supply chain, a new approach is needed that is not only less expensive than current options but also easier to implement. The good news is that this new approach already exists and requires no forward investment in infrastructure to obtain global IoT connectivity.

In the United States food waste is estimated at 40 percent of the total food supply, corresponding to $161 billion worth of food damage per year. A considerable share of these losses is caused by non-optimal chain processes and management.

For suppliers and receivers, tracking the location of anything and monitoring its state are pivotal in supply chain management. In food, the ability to monitor and prevent spoilage is of paramount value in reducing waste. Likewise, the implementation of efficient IoT solutions – that are simple to configure, have reliable connectivity and at an affordable cost – is encouraged and necessary for both suppliers and receivers.

The difficulty for those in the industry tasked with improving supply chains through connected technology comes in two areas: cost and accuracy. Necessary investment tends to be high, because of both reliability and coverage issues. If a piece of technology goes wrong, or moves out of range, tracking will go down and be rendered useless. Installation is also expensive, as each monitoring device needs to be built, installed and connected to a network.

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