Rising cyber attacks and what they mean for IoT

As the number of devices connected to the IoT increases, so too does the cybersecurity threat – more devices means more potential vectors for attack. To combat the increasing threat, the industry needs to take a fresh look at IoT security to plug the gaps and ensure security going forward.

Is IoT becoming a battleground for cybersecurity?

Recent research suggests that the number of cyber-attacks targeting UK businesses has increased by more than half, to almost 65,000 internet born assaults per company every three months, with the rise being placed firmly at the door of the internet of things writes Neil Hamilton, VP of Business Development at Thingstream.

That is a staggering figure – that goes a long way to highlight the challenge we face in both preventing and dealing with the outcome of data breaches. The report found that two-thirds of attacks were targeting connected devices such as networked security cameras and building control systems.

There is no doubt that the IoT is becoming a cyber battleground as it begins to take off, especially within the wireless segment where devices can more readily be accessed. Analyst house Forrester predicted late last year that 2017 is likely to see a major IoT data breach.

It is an unfortunate truth that the more devices we make connected, the greater the number of cyber attacks and security incidents we will see. However, the research does highlight the need for a new approach to securing the IoT; one in which loopholes are closed and secure connectivity guaranteed.

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