Poor infrastructure will slow down the Internet of Things

Buffering, buffering and more buffering. This is something that anyone with an internet connection will be familiar with and despite internet connections getting faster, the problem still persists for many. Whether it’s a high contention ratio or the lack of a good 4G mobile connection, the Internet is grinding to a halt – unable to keep up with the demand being placed upon the infrastructure. Furthermore, the increasing number of connected IoT devices will further compound the problem.

Germany is also fit for the future: In many regions, you can even stream the #FalconHeavy launch smoothly!” – This Tweet from Extra 3 illustrates the core of the issue in Germany: On the one hand you have beacon projects with 5G technology in city centres but on the other hand, many regions only get a trickle of 3G data to their smartphones. This issue cascades down to smaller companies that are still a long way from enterprise mobility due to the lack of a network that makes meaningful use of business apps possible.

Now that Germany has GroKo (Große Koalition), it wants to be the “world leader in the field of digital infrastructure” (O-Ton coalition agreement, line 1631) – but only until 2025 when the gigabit society becomes a reality. The new government even wants to put its hand into its pocket and spend 12 billion euros on the plan. However, this is really just pocket money, considering that more than 21 billion euros have already been earmarked for the construction of federal highways by 2020.

The central component of the mobile network strategy is the 5G technology. This will initially cover the white spots and dead spots, so that at some point rocket launches can also be streamed during holidays in the Hunsrück or in the Mecklenburg Lake District in 4K quality. It’s worth also noting that this spend will not only go towards 5G but also to FTTH by fibre optic and free Wi-Fi in all public facilities. Because the 5G expansion is dynamic, frequencies are awarded only if the licensee guarantees a nationwide coverage.

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