IoT Predictions for 2018

IoT has seen unprecedented growth and innovation over the past couple of years and is predicted to continue in the same vein. There are already over 20 billion devices already connected and more than three times that amount are expected by 2025. Undeniably big numbers but what of the short term? This article from cuts through the noise and hype to give you a picture of the IoT landscape for the coming year.

The main trends covered in the article are:

1. IoT Networks in 2018 – welcome to LPWAN

On the topic of IoT networks, Thingstream’s VP of Business Development, Neil Hamilton said, “the existing challenge is to bridge the ‘air gap’ between these devices and the cloud, achieving ubiquitous connectivity—and security—is, therefore, a major obstacle in fully enabling a worldwide network of IIoT devices, which will, in turn, allow the wider IoT spectrum to grow.”

2. The Rise of Predictive Analytics – taking the next step after monitoring and control

3. Virtual Product Development – why make something when you can model it?

4. Tip of the IIoT Iceberg – you think the market looks big now?

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