Have you heard the one about IoT network tech that uses SIM cards?

Thingstream aims to disrupt the IoT landscape with a connectivity platform that relies on GSM rather than cellular data. Offering low-power, global connectivity straight out of the box, Thingstream is a contender that the competition should worry about.

“Another Internet of Things upstart has nudged its way into the limelight – and Thingstream reckons its “MVNO for IoT” connectivity offering will compete against established players Sigfox and LoRaWAN.”

“Thingstream is an interesting prospect that has the distinct advantage of using already-deployed technology and funnelling a decent chunk of revenue towards mobile networks, thanks to its SIM-dependent model. It avoids the problem that LoRa and Sigfox have, which is the need to deploy a dedicated network over a suitably large area – and in LoRa’s case the user then has to find enough technical people to run that network. If it achieves significant takeup, it will be one to watch.”

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