Frost & Sullivan Study: Wearables conquer the industry

It’s been a tricky time for wearables in the consumer market with the likes of Google Glass – the search giant’s smart glasses – failing to capture hearts and minds. However, that doesn’t mean it’s game over for wearables. As far as industry is concerned, things are just starting to heat up.

The trend towards wearables is unbroken in the industrial environment. Clothing and accessories associated with Industrial Internet of Things applications will make massive progress over the next two to five years.

“Collecting the data on-premises and processing it in the data center is just part of the job,” said Neil Hamilton, VP Business Development, Thingstream. “Great applications are already possible today and the creativity of the developers is virtually unlimited. Only the question of data transmission seems to me to be neglected by many. ”

In his study, Frost & Sullivan refers to industrial wearables such as smart glasses and gloves, built-in cameras and microphones, and integrated sensors that experts expect to transform entire industries. Thus, the wearables should reduce error rates, increase efficiency and improve occupational safety. Frost & Sullivan expects that real-time data transmission will enable massive tracking and monitoring developments, thereby generating strong growth momentum.

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