How to deploy low-power, low-cost IoT networks [video]

Bruce Jackson


This video webinar from Thingstream and NXP shows how to design, develop and deploy intelligent, low-power IoT networks globally, and at a low-cost.

Part 1: Building intelligent, low-power, connected ‘things’ at a low cost

Develop and deploy intelligent, low-power, connected networks globally, while removing regional wireless standard barriers – all at a low cost.

In this video, we share market trends, connectivity challenges and how to securely connect to the edge.

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Part 2: How to create, manage and deploy low-power IoT devices

Manage, monitor and control wireless networks via a simple cloud software platform – bringing value-added services to end customers.

In this video, we dive deeper into the IoT device control and deployment, addressing technical requirements. The demonstrations in this video explore the platforms and tools available to help reduce the complexity of IoT deployments.

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