Affordable Remote Monitoring, the Key to Unlocking Farming Inefficiencies?

For much of the world, implementing the technology currently required for precision farming is too expensive to implement, however, this need not be the case. Technology already exists that will allow remote monitoring for a much lower price than current LTE roaming data options.

Precision farming is on the rise. The process involves the constant monitoring of the state of crops in order to provide the perfect growing conditions. It is being used to improve productivity and the sustainability of farms but has traditionally been expensive to implement. As a result, current applications are unlikely to see widespread use – particularly considering 78% of the world’s produce is grown in developing countries according to the Brookings Institute.

Despite high demand for farmed produce, many of those employed in agriculture in much of the developing world are still relatively poor. Just 12% of their crops are high value ‘cash crops’ suitable for export. Implementing new technology-driven farming techniques is therefore restricted to a small section of the agriculture industry. The World Bank identifies agricultural development as a key means of poverty reduction. Technology if affordable, would, therefore, make a particularly positive impact.

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