• Seamless connectivity, even in remote locations
  • Cost effective connectivity, with pay-as-you-go model
  • Low power, simple components
  • SIMs can be installed into small, space-efficient devices
  • Reduced cost & complexity for connecting assets to IoT platforms


The Internet of Things (IoT) is delivering transformational value for enterprises by enabling real-time remote condition monitoring and control. IoT technologies are helping to connect disparate systems, sensors and data sources to provide mission-critical insight and more effective ways to run an operation.


Thingstream is partnering with enterprises to help collect data, detect changes, and automatically trigger alerts or actions with a bi-directional connectivity solution. By providing connectivity over GSM without the need for cellular data, Thingstream provides the most effective means to enable remote condition and monitoring control, in remote locations across the globe.


Thingstream’s solution requires simple components and lower power to operate, meaning devices can be active considerably longer than a mobile data based solution. SIMs can be installed into devices not much bigger than a USB memory stick – making the cost of space significantly less than alternatives. Additionally, given that there is no internet being used, there is also no need for expensive microprocessors and components to communicate the data, which reduces the complexity and costs for connecting assets across an operation.

Monitor conditions & collect sensor data e.g. temp, water levels

Enable safety controls e.g. monitor toxic gas levels to trigger alarm

Enable basic edge analytics & manage data collection

Manage connection between devices and IoT Platforms

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Thingstream’s connectivity platform provides out-of-the-box, global IoT connectivity, available in over 190 countries world-wide, providing access to the single largest IoT network of its kind.