The Thingstream Embedded SIM is the key to enable your device to connect from almost anywhere in the world and send receive IoT messages using MQTT-SN, via the Thingstream Global Connectivity Platform.

In addition to the Thingstream SIM, you'll need an appropriate SDK to enable your own devices to start working with Thingstream.

Global IoT Connectivity

Thingstream Global IoT connectivity for $1 per month for up to 10k messages

Compatible Formats

Available in 2FF/3FF/4FF formats as well as MFF2 (QFN8) for maximum compatibility with existing devices.

Thingstream SDK

Free Thingstream SDK for rapid enabling of existing devices and new prototypes

Temperature Range

Can operate in a temperature range of -25°c to +85°c.



To enable your own devices to start working with Thingstream, you will need to use a Thingstream SIM in conjunction with an appropriate SDK. Register for a free account today or check out our developer documentation for more info.

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