Thingstream partner network brings IoT innovation to South Africa


From tracking vultures to monitoring trucks across the continent, IoT enablers Thingstream’s new partnerships in South Africa are driving the development of more cost-effective IoT innovations, faster.

Thingstream, which earlier this year announced it was expanding into South Africa via a local partner network, has formalised partnerships with a number of local innovators, supporting their development of new IoT solutions across multiple industry verticals.

IoT innovation in South Africa is gathering pace with pioneering companies bringing new solutions to market on the back of Thingstream’s ability to connect IoT devices without constraints such as cross-border connectivity or the need for high-speed access. Local initiatives under development using Thingstream include new vulture tracking devices which continue transmitting in real-time, even when the birds cross the border; asset tracking devices that eliminate the need for satellite connections on trucks traversing Africa; tracking and route planning for helicopters; and solutions for advanced agricultural irrigation systems.

Tony Doubell, Sales Director South Africa at Thingstream, says four local partnerships have been formalised, and there has also been significant interest across industry verticals in Thingstream’s global IoT connectivity platform which connects via GSM networks using a unique combination of MQTT and USSD messaging protocols.

“Thingstream is delivering a world of opportunity for developers of new IoT solutions, and in South Africa, where there is a high level of engineering capability and technical expertise, we’re seeing a massive appetite for IoT innovation,” says Doubell. “It’s an exciting time for IoT across all sectors in South Africa – every time someone calls me, it’s about a different use case,” he says.

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