Thingstream rocks the house at IoTSWC 2018

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Following a very successful IoTSWC 2018, Marketing Manager, Marc Irwin shares Thingstream's learnings and his view on the past, present and future of the IoT Solutions World Congress.

IoTSWC 2017 - a humble but promising start

In 2017, Thingstream was invited to join a partner at IoTSWC (IoT Solutions World Congress) with a demonstration of its low-power, low-bandwidth, MQTT Anywhere IoT connectivity network. This was achieved by creating a Thingstream IoT enabled train set. The demonstration train set became quite a draw and introduced Thingstream to the European and worldwide IoT marketplace.

The demo wasn't much to look at but it powerfully illustrated the simplicity, flexibility and sturdiness of the Thingstream software combined with seamless access to the GSM network, proving without a doubt that Thingstream had a place in the IoT world.

Simply, it was a toy train with a Raspberry Pi, modem and battery attached. One of our reference design buttons sent a message via the GSM network using MQTT-SN to the to the Pi which controlled the train's movement. To ensure that the train was always on time, a motion sensor counted the number of rotations per minute, working out an average. Intelligent programming was added to the mix by the Data Flow Manager - a visual programming interface within the Thingstream platform - which would cause an alarm to sound, should the average speed of the train fall outside preset parameters.

From a mechanical point of view, it may have been a bit Heath Robinson, but it was very successful in showing visitors what was achievable with the uncomplicated application of the Thingstream SDK, a SIM card and readily available hardware.

IoTSWC 2018 - a mature product for a mature market

One year later and Thingstream has matured to become a serious player in the IoT connectivity marketplace. Today, Thingstream came to the show with an increasing partner ecosystem and real life, live application success stories from customers that illustrate the benefits and competitive advantages Thingstream offers compared to its rivals.

Thingstream's MQTT-based, global, low-power connectivity network and Data Flow Manager is answering some complex issues raised by users of other IoT connectivity providers, especially in the cost of infrastructure, coverage, data throughput, interactivity and the bottomless pit of roaming charges.

MQTT Anywhere

MQTT is the de-facto IoT messaging protocol. Using the Thingstream carrier-grade MQTT Broker, Data Flow Manager, and most importantly the fast prototype project timeline (see below image), makes initiating an IoT strategy simpler, faster, easier to maintain and scale up. Add in the low-cost-of-ownership this gives Thingstream several distinct advantages in the IoT space.

Situated directly opposite the massive Microsoft stand, Thingstream firmly marked its place in the exhibition with a bold booth towered over by an impressive monolithic totem, making sure that visitors could see where we were from all around the vast hall.


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