Thingstream Flow Manager updates

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Updates to the Thingstream Flow manager and other UI improvements

User interface updates

Following the most recent update to the Thingstream platform, customers will see a different picture when they log into the Thingstream Management Console.

Sticky tabs

Based on user feedback, the details tab that opens from list views in the platform (e.g. Thing details, Topic details etc.) has been made sticky.

Users commented that they would often require the same information when switching between items in a list view. This update leaves the tab open and focused on the same properties when switching.

New colour scheme

The colour scheme inside the Flow Manager is now both easier on the eye and more in line with Thingstream branding.

Glow manager - Thingstream

Node grouping

Nodes in the palette area of the Flow Manager have been re-organised and re-grouped in-line with Node-RED 1.0.


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