Thingstream launches PoC-in-a-Box

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Thingstream launches range of ‘PoC-in-a-Box’ kits to enable enterprises to rapidly validate IoT business cases

It is widely recognised that IoT technology can impact the bottom line of an enterprise. However, the ability to prototype a use cases and conduct Proof-of-Concept (PoC) is difficult and time-consuming due to the range of components which are needed. Thingstream’s new ‘PoC-in-a-Box’ kits solve this issue by delivering everything, including consultancy in a single package.

Thingstream PoC-in-a-Box

Zurich, Switzerland, 30th. October 2019 – Thingstream, the leading global low-power MQTT network provider has leveraged its partner ecosystem to deliver a suite of packages which enable enterprises to rapidly trial popular IoT use cases including ‘Track & Trace’, ‘Replace & Replenish’’ and ‘Alert & Alarm’’.

What is unique about these offerings is that they combine all of the disparate technical components such as physical device, connectivity, data management and dashboard along with training and outcome analysis package. Different hardware from Thingstream partners is provided to suit the appropriate use case including VTrack Long Life asset trackers from Versa Design (Spain), IoT Buttons from CircuitWorx (UK) and others as further use case kits are introduced in coming months.

“We see so many proof of concepts stuck in ‘deployment’ phase where an enterprise for example has a dashboard but aren’t sure of what hardware or connectivity to use to actually run a proof of concept in a commercial environment. The PoC-in-a-Box product range is designed to enable an enterprise to accelerate their ability to decide whether there is a solid business case worthy of investing in” explains Neil Hamilton, Chief Business Development Officer at Thingstream. 

Since becoming part of the Thingstream ecosystem, Thingstream have proactively been developing large volume opportunities for us; this PoC-in-a-Box range is another fabulous development which helps develop our mutual sales pipelines with relevant opportunities. It is rare to find an IoT connectivity partner who provides so much value.

Diego Castillo, Versa Design – Thingstream Solution Partner