Thingstream announces support for LTE-M (Cat-M1) radio technology

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Building low cost, global low powered connected devices becomes reality

Zurich, Switzerland, 29th. October 2019Thingstream the leading global low-power MQTT network provider today announced that it now supports the LTE-M (Cat-M1) radio standard as part of its end-to-end ‘MQTT Anywhere’ Connectivity-as-a-service offering. The news announced at IoT Solutions World Congress, means that device manufacturers can now offer ubiquitous global IoT coverage in a low power small form factor with fixed and predictable pricing guaranteed.

Until now IoT device manufacturers have struggled to build devices that are cost-effective and often face issues with global roaming capability. By leveraging modems which support both LTE-M (Cat-M1) and 2G, which are significantly cheaper than regular LTE modems, Thingstream solves this problem, giving customers a solution that works worldwide and with the same price everywhere.

Commenting on the announcement, Jose Garcia, regional sales manager for Western Europe, SIMCom Wireless Solutions, said, “Our device manufacturer customers can now unlock the opportunity to sell in volume thanks to Thingstream MQTT Anywhere solving the low power global ubiquitous connectivity problem.“

“As the demand for affordable globally roaming devices increases we are innovating to ensure that demand is met. With the addition of LTE-M support our MQTT Anywhere service offers connected product manufacturers a clear path for low power always connected affordable solutions”, said Bruce Jackson, Chief Technology Officer, Thingstream.