• Seamless cross-border & territory tracking
  • Cost effective connectivity (no data roaming charges)
  • Low power, simple components
  • SIMs can be installed into small, space-efficient devices
  • Reduced cost & complexity for connecting assets in the supply chain


Connected things in logistics and supply chain have long been delivering value to the industry and, as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and advances, connected technology will continue to drive significant change and deliver transformational value. Tracking location and monitoring the state of assets is pivotal in logistics and supply chain management, but cost, reliability, and coverage issues continue to hamper the aggressive goals of an autonomous environment.


Thingstream is helping to empower the logistics and supply industry by providing more cost effective, cross-border connectivity. By providing connectivity over GSM without the need for cellular data, Thingstream provides the most effective means to track and monitor assets across multiple geographies, without the prohibitive costs of data roaming charges.


Thingstream’s solution requires simple components and lower power to operate, meaning devices can be active considerably longer than a mobile data based solution. SIMs can be installed into devices not much bigger than a USB memory stick – making the cost of space significantly less than alternatives. Additionally, given that there is no internet being used, there is also no need for expensive microprocessors and components to communicate the data, which reduces the complexity and costs for manufacturing devices. By enabling a simple-to-configure, constant and reliable data transmission at an affordable cost Thingstream is helping to make it economically viable to connect every asset and component along a supply chain.

Manage supply chain end-to-end

Track inventory and manage storage conditions

Manage fleet and field teams in real-time

Track and locate transport teams

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Thingstream’s connectivity platform provides out-of-the-box, global IoT connectivity, available in over 190 countries world-wide, providing access to the single largest IoT network of its kind.