IoT Traffic Management

Enterprise MQTT Broker

Thingstream’s Enterprise MQTT Broker enables topic-based publish/subscribe messaging at scale

Visual programming tool

A powerful, visual programming tool, the Thingstream Flow Editor allows the wiring together of hardware devices, APIs and online services to build intelligence into IoT connectivity

Browser-based editor

A browser-based editor is an intuitive tool that makes it easy for developers to create conditional data flow rules using predefined drag and drop node palettes that can be connected, debugged and deployed in minutes

Agnostic to bearer type

Agnostic to bearer type, enabling unification of ’thing’ management

Single platform for managing all data flows to and from IoT platforms

Common MQTT rules/logic applied to all MQTT device fleets regardless of bearer

Thingstream's Connectivity Platform

The Enterprise-grade platform helps empower enterprises to deploy end-to-end IoT production-ready devices at scale, delivering seamless integration for connecting devices to any IoT Platform

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