Watch your data fly with Thingstream and Digital Twin

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Introducing the Pigeon IoT edge device by Thingstream solution partner, Digital Twin.

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  • Chiller package units
  • Roof top air conditioning units
  • Distributed transmission stations
  • Remote condition monitoring of mobile towers
  • Generating sets
  • Switchgear
  • Traffic lights at intersection
  • Remote pump stations
  • Physical access management
  • Utility monitoring (water, gas, electricity)
  • Renewable energy power monitoring
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Hot chain monitoring
  • and more…

Why Thingstream connectivity?

  • Reliable global connectivity in over 190 countries
  • Simple/predictable network access cost structure
  • Straightforward IoT device integration
  • Enhanced battery lifespan due to low power consumption
  • Increased cybersecurity due to no TCP-IP requirement

Product features

  • Universal Mains or 12/24V AC or DC Powered
  • 2 x Digital Inputs, 4 x Universal Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs
  • Auxiliary power supply for active sensors
  • GSM Communication to cloud server
  • Location via GSM or optional GPS
  • USSD/SMS/GSM(IP) connectivity
  • Data Costs lowest in the industry
  • Low power usage – suitable for battery power
  • LED Indication for network connectivity and status
  • High quality pluggable lift terminals for ease of installation
  • Hidden micro-SIM card receptacle
  • Configurable RS485 port to connect with external devices such as biometric readers
  • Measure variables and Control Outputs


  • Bluetooth (BLE/4)
  • IP rated, custom designed enclosures available
  • Biometric Reader

Find out more about Digital Twin Pigeon


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