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Thingstream removes IoT communications complexity for connected refrigeration.

Predictive maintenance and proactive beverage replenishment are driving the business case for connected refrigerators, freezers and dispensing equipment.  However, because data can now be collected in a globally ubiquitous and cost efficient manner, many new opportunities are being derived from the sensor output from connected equipment.

This page is intended to outline the potential for IoT to support brewers, bottlers and retailers; reduce costs, increase profitability or improve visibility in asset management and explain Thingstream’s role in this emerging industry.


Thingstream has enabled brewers, bottlers and retailers to implement both proof-of-concept and production implementations with ease and at a fixed predictable low cost.

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Reduction in loss of fridges, kegs and other equipment through real time location awareness

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Maximised earning potential and improved uptime of equipment through predictive maintenance

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Increased revenue through predictive replenishment

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Less wastage through real time monitoring of consumption

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Improved product experience through real time quality control

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Removing the barriers for digitising the brewing industry

When developing an IoT strategy to support your business, the communications part is not necessarily the first consideration. However when putting together the many elements in the design of your overall approach, the availability of communications and a clear idea of running costs will always be an important part of the outcome required. 

There are many considerations to decide between the design of your device and having unfettered access to the data they create as illustrated below.

Thingstream work with brewing equipment manufacturers to enable their equipment to simply transmit their sensor data into the enterprise, for a fixed low price, anywhere on the planet.

IoT Communication-as-a-Service

Case Study

The customer

The worlds largest brewer.

The challenges

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High level of theft of fridges supplied to vendors

bullet point

Fridge maintenance was entirely reactive

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Some vendors would switch off coolers overnight and stress cooler units

bullet point

ABInBev could not oversee quality of beer service

The solution

This partnership between Thingstream, CIRT, Staycold, Digital Twin and Microsoft created a low-cost track and trace/condition monitoring device incorporated into fridges that provides the following data:

bullet point


bullet point

Connected state (on or off)

bullet point

Temperature on the inside of the cooler

bullet point

Temperature of the condenser

The outcomes

ABInBev discovered that buying off the shelf IoT solutions was not the best way to overcome the challenges they faced. They invested the time and budget to create a solution which is practical and addresses their pain points and this is giving them the data they need to improve inventory awareness, product delivery and quality of service.

bullet point

Accurate location of coolers at all times

bullet point

Data made available for preventative and predictive maintenance

bullet point

Data made available to improve asset acquisition and use

bullet point

Constant live monitoring of fridge condition to ensure standardisation of service

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