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Thingstream makes IoT for business easy

IoT strategies are enabling us to transform business

Human generated data has been driving global business, however there is an evolution occurring. Devices are being given a voice; now assets can report on their position, their condition and act autonomously, using their opinion.

Transformation will enable all businesses to increase operational efficiency and introduce new products and services; however, transformation will not be fast. Business needs to figure out what things they want to connect to the internet, what business cases will deliver benefit to them and how they intend to test, deploy and manage.

Thingstream enables rapid POC

Thingstream enables a business to accelerate its ability to test and trial connected device projects and solutions through removing many of the complex technology decisions which need to be made in order to actually connect a device to a business system.

Not all connected device solutions may actually be viable, however it is better to fail fast than invest months and significant dollars into R&D around these transformative projects, Thingstream enables rapid prototyping of IoT concepts and can help a business identify the most appropriate device manufacturers, solution partners or experts best suited to a specific business requirements.

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What is Thingstream?

Thingstream makes IoT for business easy

What is Thingstream?

It’s IoT Communication-as-a-Service.

What is the service?

The ‘service’ provides a connectivity solution for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications and enables enterprise users to connect their devices, machines and things to their business applications with ease.

Where does it work?

Thingstream truly works everywhere. Utilising low-level GSM protocols, LoRaWAN and IP-based connectivity, Thingstream even works in remote places where other technologies don’t.

Industrial control

Real time, wireless digital monitoring and control.


Enabled agricultural IoT devices, confidently deployed anywhere in the world.

Logistics and supply chain

Cost-effective, low power connectivity for truly global multi-modal connectivity for logistics or supply chain.

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