MQTT-SN – lowering the cost of IoT at scale

MQTT-SN is an optimised version of the IoT communications protocol, MQTT, designed specifically for efficient operation in large low-power IoT sensor networks.

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IoT partnerships – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Deploying Internet of Things networks can require a host of different skill sets and fast-evolving disciplines from various technical fields. For many businesses, it can be difficult to get all of these skills in-house. However, this shouldn’t be a roadblock. It’s simply a case of working together. The route to success is through IoT partnerships.…


Thingstream Teams with TIBCO Software to Extend Communication Beyond the Edge of the Enterprise

Thingstream’s Global IoT Connectivity Platform Capable of Enabling Message-Based Delivery Using TIBCO Cloud Messaging Zurich. September 4th 2018: Thingstream today announced that it is collaborating with TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, to extend its global IoT connectivity platform with TIBCO eFTL™ and TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging solutions. The combination…


Reducing logistics costs via a pull-based, vertically integrated supply chain

Neil Hamilton, VP, business development, Thingstream, says the combination of IoT and vertically integrated order processes can achieve a leaner supply chain and ultimately say goodbye to the phrase, ‘out of stock’. Here’s how to get started: The traditional supply chain model often used in retail distribution is outdated and broken. Although it works most…


How do I get on the IoT Train? Next stop, industrial revolution

Is IoT “the next industrial revolution”? How do I get involved? IoT is redefining and reshaping industry and the markets surrounding it in a continuous and significant way. Is it the next industrial revolution? Possibly so. Communication, travel, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, education, healthcare, retail; in fact, it’s difficult to name an industry that will not…


The death of 2G – what 2G switch off means for IoT

In the world of IoT, the 2G network has become a safe and ubiquitous platform for the transportation of small packets of data and therefore the perfect platform for IoT data. Or so it was until 2G switch off reared its ugly head… If you Google ‘Death of 2G’ or‘2G switch off’ you are faced with…


Thingstream: the world’s largest IoT network

Thingstream, based in Bournemouth UK, claims to be able to provide IoT connectivity in 190 countries using the MQTT protocol over the networks of 600 mobile network operator partners. The company says it has been operating in relative stealth mode to date but has had an impressive first half of the year, with a number…


How to deploy low-power, low-cost IoT networks [video]

This video webinar from Thingstream and NXP shows how to design, develop and deploy intelligent, low-power IoT networks globally, and at a low-cost. Part 1: Building intelligent, low-power, connected ‘things’ at a low cost Develop and deploy intelligent, low-power IoT networks globally, while removing regional wireless standard barriers – all at a low cost. In this video, we…


SigFox IoT alternative expands into South Africa

SigFox alternative, Thingstream brings low-power IoT to South Africa offering fixed-cost ubiquitous coverage. Its revolutionary boxed connectivity enables businesses to deploy more IoT devices, faster and more cost-effectively. IoT provider, Thingstream is accelerating its expansion into South Africa in a bid to compete with rival SigFox, which operates in the country through SqwidNet. It will also…


Tech Central interview with Neil Hamilton, Thingstream VP Business Development

In this episode of the Tech Central podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Neil Hamilton, vice president of a new Internet of things (IoT) provider in South Africa called Thingstream. Content hosted by Thingstream, which is part of a Swiss group, is leveraging the GSM networks of Vodacom, MTN and Cell C to provide IoT products and…

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