Asset Tracking

  • Seamless cross-border & territory tracking
  • Cost effective connectivity (no data roaming charges)
  • Low power, simple components
  • SIMs can be installed into small, space-efficient devices
  • Reduced cost & complexity for manufacturing devices
Manage inventory & asset location

Enable better decision-making with real-time data

Reduce downtime & improve utilization

Enable better theft prevention & recovery

Global IoT connectivity with no roaming charges

The Internet of Things (IoT) has afforded organizations unimaginable insights into the health of their operation and individual assets being utilized across the workforce. Connecting assets across an operation helps provide critical data on the location and health of these valuable assets, adding intelligence to automated workflows, providing insights for better decision making and enabling real-time visibility.

Thingstream is helping to empower enterprises to monitor assets, optimize usage and prevent damage by enabling secure asset tracking, anywhere in the world. By providing connectivity over GSM without the need for cellular data, Thingstream provides the most effective means to track assets across multiple geographies, without the prohibitive costs of data roaming charges.

Thingstream connectivity for asset tracking

Thingstream’s asset tracking solution requires simple components and lower power to operate, meaning devices can be active considerably longer than a mobile-data-based solution. SIMs can be installed into devices not much bigger than a USB memory stick – making the cost of space significantly less than alternatives. Additionally, given that there is no internet being used, there is also no need for expensive microprocessors and components to communicate the data, which reduces the complexity and costs of manufacturing devices.

Remote Condition Monitoring & Control

As manufacturers continue to innovate and advance the connected devices being produced to drive the Internet of Things (IoT) economy, Thingstream helps enable seamless integration and connectivity management with any IoT Platform, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud & IBM Cloud.

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