Global Connectivity

Thingstream removes the complexities involved with connecting devices to IoT platforms, securely, almost anywhere on the planet.

One Global M2M Network

Thingstream provides access to a single, global and ubiquitous GSM M2M network which enables permitted devices to simply connect to the strongest GSM network available and communicate small data payloads, without the need for TCP-IP data.


Thingstream leverages USSD, a standard GSM messaging protocol available in almost all GSM networks. USSD does not require TCP-IP, meaning cyber security is greatly enhanced as end points are not exposed to traditional internet vulnerabilities.

Quality of service

Differing delivery service levels can be guaranteed due to our unique approach to enabling MQTT over USSD, providing flexibility for solution designers.

Low power

USSD messaging typically requires significantly less power to secure a GSM signal than cellular data, this combined with our agnostic roaming capability increases the longevity of devices.


Designed with simplicity in mind the Thingstream Platform makes it easy to connect and manage a wide variety of devices whilst providing an intuitive environment to build and deploy IoT workflows, it is not limited to just managing devices connected via our Thingstream Network.

Unified Device Management

Connecting and managing devices within the Thingstream platform is simple, secure and provides a flexible approach to connectivity. Devices are managed within segregated domains on the platform, with secure access mechanisms ensuring that only your devices can access your workflows.

Workflow Builder

Connected devices are the starting point for designing meaningful IoT workflows. Thingstream provides an intuitive workflow visualization tool that allows you to easily drag-and-drop, configure and connect industrial devices, APIs and cloud services as simple workflow nodes.

Prototype to Production

The Thingstream Flow Builder enables prototype application workflows to be created and tested, then pushed immediately into production via our scalable architecture proven to support billions of messages per day.

Industrial IO

To successfully create industrial applications, workflows need to support protocols such as Modbus. When combined with our non-IP security feature, industrial Thingstream users can confidently bridge the OT/IT ‘air gap’.


Thingstream has been developed by Myriad Group AG, a Swiss publicly listed company. Myriad has been a leading provider of USSD technology to mobile carriers and enterprises for over a decade. In recent years the company has been unlocking the potential of this secure messaging technology in many ways. The company has also built up an enviable reputation for specializing in development of device firmware; thus paving the way for Thingstream to come to fruition through our deep understanding of both device and network capabilities.

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