Global IoT connectivity

Remove all the barriers to collecting data from IoT devices. Low power, low cost, simple.

What we do

Thingstream removes the barriers to
collecting data from low-power IoT devices.

Thingstream for Business

Thingstream enables a business to accelerate its ability to test and trial connected device solutions through removing many of the complex technology decisions which need to be made in order to actually connect a device to a business system.

Our Technology

Thingstream provides low-power, low-cost, ubiquitous IoT connectivity via MQTT over GSM. The secure, out-of-the-box IoT connectivity solution leverages the globally-available GSM network to offer immediate, global IoT connectivity that no other low-power IoT connectivity provider can today.

Industrial control

Real time, wireless digital monitoring and control


Enabled agricultural IoT devices, confidently deployed anywhere in the world

Logistics and
supply chain

Cost-effective, low power connectivity for truly global multi-modal connectivity for logistics or supply chain

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MQTT QoS explained

In this article, you’ll learn how, where and when to use MQTT QoS and which levels are right for your own IoT applications.

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